Healthy Macaroni and Cheese | With Hidden Vegetables

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is always a winner with children. It is the ultimate comfort food for kids and adults alike. The brilliant thing about this recipe is that this is a much healthier macaroni and cheese because it is packed with vegetables. I know from the picture I bet you are doubting me. But trust me there is more vegetables in this recipe than there is cheese sauce.

The Secret to Healthy Macaroni Cheese with Hidden Vegetables

There are large quantities of 3 vegetables cleverly hidden in this macaroni cheese recipe.

Some people have reservations about sneaking vegetables. I believe there is a place and enough space for both options. Sneaking and not sneaking. My kids have meals where the vegetables are loud and proud and meals where the vegetables are more subtle. Feel free to read my thoughts on whether to sneak or not to sneak vegetables.

Mac n Cheese is obviously such a kid-friendly dish and one you can add veggies too, if you are looking for other kid-friendly meals and snacks that have a veggie boost be sure to check these out too



  •  Remove the bacon entirely and you will still have a lovely vegetarian dish.
  • I use butter when I make a roux sauce/white sauce as I just find it cooks better for me, but you can use oil
  • I often freeze this dish into kiddy portions, using a silicone muffin tray. Once frozen I pop them out and put them in a zip lock bag, then reheat as many portions as I need.
  • Add sliced boiled eggs to up the protein content
  • It also makes a great side dish for lean meat, fish or chicken.

Stupid question but when you freeze it into portions in muffin tray is this before or after you cook it?

Made it yesterday and it was a great success! I didn’t have courgettes but I had some broccoli and added that without blending, so not everything was hidden. Thanks!

I like that, brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s cheddar cheese. And I like how easy your recipes as well as the products are that you use.

I add cannelini beans as well to bump up the fibre and protein content.

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