Foods That Help Relieve Constipation Quickly

Almost all people have problems with digestion. Constipation is a very common consequence of this problem. Here are some foods that effectively and quickly act against constipation.

If you eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids and live relatively active life you probably won’t have any problems with constipation. However, even these people can burden their stomach with the poor choice of food, using some medications, stress etc.

If you don’t have a regular and normal digestion, this can cause a range of health problems.

Examine why you have these problems. Have you recently taken any supplements or medications? (Read: side effects). Are you getting enough fiber or eat too much dairy? Do you eat peanuts, soybeans or dry food?

Think about the reasons to be able to prevent the occurrence of constipation, and for an immediate solution here’s where to look for natural help:

Bananas are an excellent choice. Buy those that are yellowed and have brown flakes. Be careful that they are not too “squishy”. At this stage (when they are yellowed) the sugars in them are fully developed, they are sweeter and easier to pass through your digestive system. You can make a puree by blending them and then mix them with a bit of probiotic yoghurt, you can even freeze them and eat like ice cream.

However, dried figs and prunes are better known than banana, when it comes to the fight against constipation. You can nibble them or eat boiled. Just half a cup of dried figs has 7.3 grams of fiber – 19 percent of the recommended daily dose for men and 28 percent for women. Of course, they are effective as prunes. It is best to soak them into water for some time and eat them whole. You can cook compote of, say, 150 grams of prunes and 150 gr of figs (in 1 liter of water). The resulting compote drink 3 times a day. Don’t forget to eat more fruit.

Make green smoothie. Mix green vegetables that are full of chlorophyll and fiber and they will soon “boost” the food through the digestive system and cleanse your body and the intestines.

Beans have beneficial effect against constipation, the best is to mash them into sauce or a light soup. You can boil them, drain them, and add into a bowl of fresh salad.

Bran also has a favorable effect, whether we talk about wheat or rice. They accelerate detoxification. Add to your diet one tablespoon of bran and you will not have problems with constipation anymore.

Cold-pressed oils

They accelerate digestion. One or two tablespoons of cold-pressed oils can quickly help cleanse the intestines. Use cold pressed oils of: flax, coconut or olive. Mix them with salads, soups and smoothie drinks.

For some people flax are the fastest help against constipation. You can try to eat one tablespoon of seeds (chew hard and long) or soak in a bit of water and let it stand for 6 hours. You will make them slimy. After that strain them and eat (without water). It is in this mucus that the best healing properties of flax can be found.

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