Appendicitis Symptoms and Foods That Help Prevent It —

Your appendix is a small 3.5-inch long saclike structure found right where the small and large intestines meet. You can find it at the lower right part of your abdomen. No one can really tell why the appendix is there. The fact is you can live a normal life whether it’s there or not.

However, your appendix may get blocked, infected and swollen, leading to what’s called appendicitis. This is considered as an emergency that requires surgery to have the appendix removed. Otherwise, it may burst or perforate and release bacteria in the abdominal cavity. This can be fatal unless it is immediately treated with very strong antibiotics.

The initial symptom you will encounter when you have appendicitis is dull pain in the upper abdominal area or near your bellybutton. The pain tends to get sharp as it moves further to the lower section of the abdomen. Sometimes there is also pain felt in the back and even the rectum. These are the other signs and symptoms of appendicitis:

It’s also possible for someone with appendicitis to experience dysuria (painful urination), abdominal cramps, and diarrhea or constipation. As soon as these various signs and symptoms of appendicitis are encountered, it’s important to seek medical attention right away because prompt diagnosis and treatment are very important.

You may be wondering whether or not appendicitis may be prevented. The truth is, according to medical experts, there is no known way to prevent appendicitis. However, your risk of suffering from it may be considerably reduced simply by including certain foods in the diet. Basically, you need to have a well-balanced diet in order to keep the digestive tract in top-top form. The following can help ward off the blockage or infection of your appendix:

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