6 Foods You Can Eat Without Restrictions

We always read new articles, hear new advises and recommendations about food that we shouldn’t supposed to eat. They tell us that we should immediately rethink our food habits and limit our bad food intake. Is there any food that we can eat at any time of the day in unlimited amounts, without fear that it will jeopardize our health and our slim figure?

The answer is YES. We will now give you a list of six foods for which we think that are the most authoritative in the group of low-calorie food. Their composition doesn’t contain cholesterol, the bad fats or a worst combination fat & sugar.

Celery is my favorite “snack” in this group. In Australia it is a custom to eat celery with beer, grilled meat, as well as snacks at parties… Celery is of a mirror-light refreshing taste. Cut it into pieces and place it in a glass or cup and enjoy watching a movie without any fear for your slim figure. You can dip it in mayonnaise, but in my opinion there is no need for that. It is best when is served with carrot sticks.

100 grams of celery contains only 15 kcal, and glycemic index is 0! It contains significant amounts of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, dietetic fiber.

Artichokes (canned or fresh)

Artichokes can be bought in the supermarket, which makes them very easy to find. Of course, you can also make your own serving. In this way it is something sweeter than those from cans.

Artichokes contain about 50 kcal per 100 g. They contain B vitamins, iron, vitamin K, vitamin C and dietetic fiber, same as the celery. Glycemic index is 4.

Kale chips

Take one kale, brush it with a little olive oil, add a little salt and bake in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes until the leaves get a lighter color and until they get completely dry. It is very tasty and suitable for consumption when you plan nothing more than simple “lazy afternoon”. You can add black pepper or paprika powder, if you are a gourmet.

100 g of raw kale has about 50 kcal, so with a little olive oil you could add some more kcal but it is not so important, it won’t hurt. It’s worth the difference in calories for the taste that we get when we prepare kale chips, compared with fresh kale, without spices. It contains a very high amounts of vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. It contains the mineral manganese and a small amount of iron. The glycemic index is 3.

Cucumbers (pickled or fresh)

Cucumbers are known as “empty” foods or food with no calories. They do contain some amount of vitamins or minerals, but contain no calories… You can eat them raw, chopped into pieces or with a little salt straight out of the jar. We recommend to eat them raw because of the fresh acidic effect that can increase the pH value of the body. No, you shouldn’t avoid pickles, but if you can choose, always choose the fresh ones.

All types (with or without skin) contain about 15 kcal per 100 grams, with under 2-3 Kcal differences. Significant amount of nutrients are found in the skin so be sure to clean it before eating. The glycemic index is 1, while the GL in pickles is 0.

Zucchini Chips

Cut the zucchini into slices, put some fresh lemon juice and leave it to stand until it dries. You can then brush them with olive oil and add salt. Your homemade version of potato chips is now ready.

It has 20 Kcal to a standard quantity of 100 grams. The glycemic index of 2 contains significant amounts of vitamin C, and slightly less vitamin A, phosphorus and manganese.

Popcorn (homemade)

This is about homemade prepared popcorn without burning on a lot of fat and adding a lot of salt. All you need is corn (grain) “popcorn” for frying, pot and a bit of salt that can be added at the end. Fancy packaged microwave popcorn, sweetened and the like are high in saturated fats, with too much sodium or sugar. These shouldn’t be your first choice for snacking and they cannot be classified under this healthy popcorn group.

Popcorn contain higher caloric value than the foods listed above and also contain carbohydrates. But if you prepare it “smart” you can enjoy watching TV or going to a movie theater because they are still a much better option than chips, flips and poorer version of popcorn.

I hope this will helped you next time when you are having trouble choosing your snacks, desserts or other treats. Whatever you choose, it will not affect your guilty conscience and will primarily help you “cheat” the brain and stomach without intaking unwanted calories, fats and sugar.

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