5 Foods that Love Your Heart | CareZone

February is American Heart Month, which is a great reminder that we all need to focus on making healthier choices for our heart. Cardiovascular disease impacts 1 in 3 adults and is the number one cause of death in the U.S. The good news is that minor dietary changes can have a huge impact on […]

Alkaline Foods List | Alkaline Diet

Detailed and Comprehensive Acid Alkaline Foods Chart pH Ratings 5 Steps to Boost Your Health & Body with Our Alkaline Foods Chart 1) When you are preparing the foods for a meal, look at a particular category of the foods and select more foods in the alkaline category. 2) This alkaline food chart is only […]

Human diet causing ‘catastrophic’ damage – Lancet

A major report on healthy diets and food systems commissioned by the Lancet Medical Journal has called for a comprehensive shift in how the world eats. The EAT-Lancet Commission involved a three-year collaboration between 37 scientific experts from 16 countries. It concluded that our food systems are faulty and a major contributor to climate change, […]

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Leads to Longer Life

Ali Webster, PhD, RD, associate director of nutrition communications at the International Food Information Council Foundation, described it as a kind of diet that focuses on foods high in nutrients — especially antioxidants —that have been tied with “lowering the markers of inflammation in our bodies.” “Its key players are foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, […]

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